Getting Root Cause Analysis


This paper provides several tips regarding how to make the most of Root Cause Analysis to progressively eliminate failures. Specific topics that are covered include:

  • The need for training – why Root Cause Analysis is not just “common sense”
  • The benefits of a team-based approach to Root Cause Analysis
  • RCA Software – is it necessary for effective Root Cause Analysis?
  • Creating the organisational environment for RCA success

The paper is based on the author’s experience in providing RCA training and consulting assistance at several mining organisations in Australia and overseas


Root Cause Analysis, RCA, Software, Organisational Culture, Implementation, Team-based Problem Solving


Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is rapidly becoming another one of those “flavour of the month” TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms). Like all TLAs, it is easy to get carried away with the hype surrounding the approach. Inevitably, then, the reality doesn’t live up to the expectations created by the hype. But nevertheless, the appropriate application of Root Cause Analysis techniques can yield significant organisational and individual benefits. This paper discusses some of the practical issues surrounding the implementation of Root Cause Analysis processes within organisations, and in doing so, attempts to give some guidance to those wishing to obtain success from their Root Cause Analysis program.

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